Question :- How is yourselfdesigns.com different from other T shirt website?

Answer :- Its online customization option is unique. You can customize your own T shirt by selecting design, color and prints of your own choice. You can use images, graphics either from the website or your own designs or images. You can add text with your desired font style and effect as per options given.

Question :- Does yourselfdesigns.com  have all branded items?

Answer :- No, this is exclusive website with company’s own brands – 1. Albino Buck 2. Porcupine. All orders will be sipped under these two brands. 

Question :- Can I use print/designs/quotes from outside source?

Answer :- Yes and No. Print designs/quotes from external source are fine as far as these are not owned or copyright by any individual or entity and there is no vulgarity, legal or social issues with text or design. We will not be able to deliver such products. In such cases our team may contact you and request you to make changes. It is important that you update your contact details carefully in your profile. This will help us serve better and avoid delays.

Question :- Can I choose my own colors?

Answer :- Yes but subject of availability of selected colors.

Question :- Does the company sell any other product than T shirt?

Answer :-   Presently company sells only T shirts in below categories:

Mens T shirts

Ladies T shirts

Boys T shirts

Girls T shirts

Question :- How is the print quality?

Answer :- Print quality are very good and it can withstand 8 – 10 washes depending on colors in print. We use one of the superior print color available in the market. However, print color and and clarity may slightly differ while comparing to original graphics or image. 

Question :- What are the payment methods?

Answer :- Online payment, we use CC Avenue payment gateway for online payments. You can use your debit or credit card for any purchases. Our payment system is encrypted and secure. 

Question :- How many days are required for delivery?

Answer :- It may take 3-5 days depending on your location and subject to availability of the product as per your choice.