Question :- How is yourselfdesigns.com different from other T shirt website?

Answer :- Its online customization option is unique. You can customize your own T shirt by selecting design, color and prints of your own choice.

Question :- Does yourselfdesigns.com  have all branded items?

Answer :- No, this is exclusive website with company’s own brands – 1. Albino Buck 2. Porcupine

Question :- Can I use print/designs/quotes from outside source?

Answer :- Yes and No. Print designs/quotes from external source are fine as far as these are not owned or copyright by any individual or entity.

Question :- Can I choose my own colors?

Answer :- Yes but subject of availability of selected colors.

Question :- Does the company sell any other product than T shirt?

Answer :-   Company sells only T shirts in below categories:

Mens T shirts

Ladies T shirts

Kids T shirts

Question :- How is the print quality?

Answer :- Print quality are very good and it can withstand 8 – 10 washes depending on colors in print.

Question :- What are the payment methods?

Answer :- 1. Cash on delivery 2. Online payment